I’m Rein, a (Dutch) creative professional based in Veenendaal (The Netherlands) with a passion for music, sports, theology, and storytelling through media and video.

With a successful completion of the Crossmedia program at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, I am ready to apply my skills and knowledge in real-world scenarios. Throughout my academic journey, I’ve cultivated a curiosity-driven mindset and a commitment to continuous learning. I am eager to connect with diverse individuals, contribute to meaningful projects, and bring creative ideas to life.

I am a versatile professional with expertise in video editing, camera and sound operation, live broadcasting, graphic design, and cross-media design. With a background in creating compelling narratives for prominent Dutch, European, and global companies, I bring several years of experience to the table. I am a skilled storyteller at heart, known for my social, open, and enthusiastic approach. My academic journey has equipped me with in-depth knowledge of various media design forms and their effective integration. I am driven to continually expand my skill set and contribute to innovative projects.

Let’s explore the possibilities together.